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Our Team

Nicole Anderson - Core Team
Nicole has always had a passion for venture creation, product design and impact venture investing. An industry pioneer in the innovation of sustainable finance and the key technologies that will be driving the future of finance such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, data science and IOT. Her corporate venture experience extends to work with ANZ, Coles, IAG (Australia), Standard Bank (South Africa) and BNP Paribas (Europe) to design investment thesis on FinTech investment models and markets which included fund return model, governance, investment committee structure and co-investment approach.

Founding member of the largest FinTech angel network in Europe - FinTech Circle from 2016-2018. Nicole will be responsible for the operational strategy of BiaDAO and its mining projects and investor relations.
Sandeep Dama - Core Team
Sandeep is a corporate leader with over 14 years experience in establishing, building, transforming and leading innovative and profitable businesses.

He also has hands-on experience in raising funds, investing and sale of businesses. He has expertise across financial services, electric mobility, renewable energy, real estate, and manufacturing sectors. He has set up, transformed, and turned around multiple businesses in both CEO and CFO functions.

Sandeep has managed complex, challenging environments with key stakeholders across regulatory, external investors, employees, customers, and suppliers. Knowledgeable in sustainable businesses, circular economy and ESG principles with application across the entire value chain. He is also a member of corporate and educational institution boards and recently completed the prestigious Sloan Program at London Business School. Sandeep will be responsible for financial and operational planning for BiaDAO.
Mitchel Shephard - Core Team
Mathematics graduate with a focus on programming and financial modeling. Pulled out of AI masters course to pursue a career in crypto. Mitch has been involved in blockchain technology for a few years now, actively investing and researching new and innovative approaches to DeFi. Mitch spotted a gap in the market for a clean-energy mining protocol that actively involves & rewards its community. Mitch will be responsible for tokenomics and overall project strategy and direction.
Stu Davies - Core Team
With a background in online marketing and systems architecture. For the past 9 years he has been a serial entrepreneur, responsible for starting multiple businesses and helping to design solutions for growing online marketing companies. A solutions architect at heart, Stu has helped design the initial operating model and tokenomics for BiaDAO, and will be Head of Product going forwards, responsible for the strategic direction of the roadmap for BiaDAO, and helping bring new products to market.
Andy Wood - Core Team
Andy is a tax adviser and barrister. He joined the bar of England & Wales in 2019 after learning his ‘trade’ in large, international accountancy firms including the Big 4.

Over a decade ago (2011 to be precise), hoping that some of the magic dust from his entrepreneurial clients had rubbed off on him, he established his own tax advisory business.

His clients, as well as the aforementioned entrepreneurs, include high-net-worth individuals, sports persons and entertainers and private companies. His specialty is where there are cross-border issues. His book, Cryptocurrency and other digital assets: Tax law and practice is set to be published in the first half of 2022.

Andy will be responsible for organizational structure, taxation, and legal advice for BiaDAO.
Chris Niebel - Core Team
Chris is a multi-industry digital and technology entrepreneur. Specializing in digital and social media marketing solutions, Chris brings a breadth of experience across varying sectors and enjoys over 12-years of experience digitizing brands.

Chris is the Founder and owner of The Genius Group (TGG) one of Europe’s largest digital marketing agencies. TGG specializes in taking brand concepts and ideas, creating macro solutions, and turning them into powerful online businesses with digital at their core. This includes taking a financial technology and claims company to circa £2.7BN in revenue in the space of just 3 years utilizing AI, leading digital and social media strategies. businesses with digital at their core. This includes taking a financial technology and claims company to circa £2.7BN in revenue in the space of just 3 years utilizing AI, leading digital and social media strategies.

Additionally, in 2020, TGG launched a successful e-commerce brand which has subsequently become one of the most recognized and consumed collagen drink supplements in the world. With over 80,000 happy customers and counting, the supplement is endorsed by several high profile celebrities and influencers.

Chris brings to the collective extensive experience and passion for cryptocurrency, notably focused around sustainability and web 3.0. He retains a substantial interest in a main market listed Clean-Tech company and is vested in supporting how Crypto can evolve to deliver defendable, long term global currency reserves, with a zero-carbon footprint.

Chris will be responsible for strategic planning and ownership of the marketing and branding for BiaDAO.
John Darling - Advisor
John has extensive experience in the mission critical sector, he has been responsible for delivery of small-scale data center design and install from the early 90’s to hyperscale data centers in the EMEA regions most recently, principally in Finland and Denmark. Client base includes Amazon, Apple and Major internet providers on a global level along with leading landlord data center providers. Director at MACE and ISG throughout EMEA regions, both multi billion pound businesses.
Edward Fuller - Advisor
Edward Fuller is the founder and sole owner of MediaBodies. MediaBodies is an Influencer Marketing Agency specializing in YouTube, Podcast, Twitch and Ad Creation, working with up to 1000 YouTubers a month as well as delivering millions of ad impressions across Podcasts and Twitch each month.

Edward has been involved in the crypto sector for a number of years and has been entrusted with developing Crypto brands backed by the world’s largest YouTubers, including XCAD in which MrBeast and KSI are investors.

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